A Coding Conquest!

This Week in my EDTC300 class we discussed coding! I previously had no experience with coding, or even knew what it was. For those of you like me “coding is basically the computer language used to develop apps, websites and software. To put it very simply, coding is what tells your computer what to do.” (Computer Science).

To explore the world of coding we were tasked with spending  some time on Code.org and participate in an Hour Of Code. Code.org is a great website that describes itself as “a non-profit dedicated to expanding participation in computer science by making it available in more schools, and increasing participation by women and underrepresented students of color.” (Code.org). It’s also really fun! The Hour of Code featured on the site is “a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify “code”, to show that anybody can learn the basics, and to broaden participation in the field of computer science.” (Code.org).

I had previously thought coding was just reading and typing java script…BORING! Code.org made me realize that coding is so much more than that. Its using creativity and logic at the same time to create whatever you want. Check out my screencast below to see me code the Moana: Wayfinding With Code guided tutorial.

This was defiantly the most fun homework I’ve ever had! I’ve never been someone who’s enjoyed computer games but I defiantly spent a large amount of my day on the website. I also did an Hour of Code on the Code with Anna and Elsa guided tutorial. It was also really fun and a bit more challenging than the  Moana: Wayfinding With Code tutorial. Below are some screen shots of the different images I was able to create with code.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

During my coding experience I found that I actually had a tougher time with the more beginner levels than the higher level ones. It took me a while to adjust to the logical yet creative way of thinking needed to code, but once I caught on I was off! I can see how coding would be a great tool in the classroom to use in developing problem solving skills for students.

Coding In The Classroom

Speaking of the classroom I feel very strongly that all students should get an education in at least the basics of coding. In this day and age our digitally based society depends on coding. We need to ensure students have the skillset to not only participate in this world but help to create it. There is also a very large gender gap within the tech industry that can be corrected or at least helped by implementing coding opportunities in the classroom for all students. Linked here is a great article that I’ve previously tweeted about that highlights this problem  and how to solve it.  A lot of my fellow pre-service teachers feel the same way about the importance of coding in the classroom. Below is a twitter poll I recently tweeted regarding the topic.

twitter poll

Here’s a list of some other benefits of classroom coding:

  1. Establishes problem solving skills.
  2. Practices logical thinking.
  3. Promotes perseverance.
  4. Familiarizes students with technology, something they’ll be using for the rest of their lives!
  5. Prepares students for possible future employment opportunities.
  6. Helps creative development.
  7. Creates good analyzing skills.
  8. Its really fun!

If your looking to learn more about coding check out some of my other classmates posts! There all excellent reads and good beginner coding resources.


6 thoughts on “A Coding Conquest!

  1. Kennedy, I love how you explain what your blogs are about before beginning, it really helps your readers understand what the blog is going to be about. I also really like how you go above and beyond to find extra articles and information to give your blog true and reliable resources and facts. I’ve never seen the picture thing before, how you can click the arrow to view a series of pictures! How did you do that? Great post!

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  2. Hey Kennedy. This is a great post! You did such a good job of analyzing coding in the classroom, and finding resources to back up your view. You took this experience seriously and have been able to come up with some great reasons to include coding in the classroom. Also, thank you for the pingback!


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