Rock Got No Reason and I Have No Time!

Is Anyone feeling the stress of full blown midterm madness? Because same! Luckily I just finished my last biology midterm today. If you want to know anything about the evolution of the 7 kingdoms of land plants or the serial endosymbiotic theory I’m your girl! if you want to learn about tips and tricks to playing power chords on guitar I am unfortunately, not your girl this week. I didn’t even get a chance to watch and review the film “School of Rock” as promised. However, I did grab an awesome clip from the movie that incorporates power chords. I embarrassingly have to admit that “Rock Got No Reason” might also be one of my favourite songs.

Also is Ned schneebly teacher goals, or what?! Now that’s someone who gets the importance of developing teacher, student relationships, and providing opportunities for all students.

I did manage to pick up and tinker with my guitar a bit this week, but did not get enough footage for a video. I continued to work on power chords, using the song Mississippi Queen. My trusty Yousician app was the only source used this week. I continued to make progress, and am beginning to feel more confident in the music coming from the strings of my guitar! A video of my progress will come next week.

Now that midterm season is over for me id like to look into finding some more learning sources for guitar. Ill be downloading the Fender Play app this week, and comparing it to my Yousician app. Fender describes itself as “the complete learning app for guitar, bass and ukulele”. This is very similar to Yousician, but has less instruments available to learn. I also notice that Fender is cheaper at only $14 a month compared to Yousician’s $28 a month. It’ll be interesting to see if yousician is worth the extra cost or not.

Stay tuned for next weeks progress video, and a Fender Play vs. Yousician Comparison!


2 thoughts on “Rock Got No Reason and I Have No Time!

  1. I also love this movie, Kennedy! He is totally teacher goals, haha. It sounds like you had a busy couple of weeks, I hope things slowed down for you a bit now! I look forward to hearing your experiences with the guitar, it sounds like you have found some great Apps to help you out. One thing I might suggest is taking a second read through of your blog, I noticed a few small capitalization errors. I often post before rereading as well, especially when I am exhausted, but it does help your readers see the professional in you if you can try to polish up your posts. Overall, vey engaging post! I love how your personality comes through in your posts and that you talk about things that are important to you besides just assigned posts.


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