A Guitar Journey to One Day: inspiration and practicing old skills

After a VERY relaxing reading week I’m back and ready to hit the books.Between Netflix binges on the break, I did mange to get some actual work done. I scoured the internet for inspiration for my guitar learning journey.  I found some great guitar players and inspired I was!

Facing West Music on Instagram features two sister singer songwriters who happen to be awesome at guitar, among other instruments. I loved their modern take on country music.

Patrick Breen Music on Instagram was also a big inspiration to me this week. He’s an up and coming singer/songwriter with some awesome new songs out. Check out his single The Waters! His true passion seems to be guitar. His Instagram page is full of “groovy” jams he’s created on guitar. Lots of his music is based on alternative/rock, but he also has some great country mixed in.

Watching these two artists motivated me to keep improving on my own learning journey this week. Going into Reading week I knew I waned to improve on past skills. I decided to put a focus on playing chords. Before I ever picked up a guitar, I desperately wanted to be able to play the twangy cowboy chords heard in country music. I struggled with learning this skill  however. The pace at which I had to memorize where to put my fingers and when to strum proved very challenging for me.

As time went on and I kept practicing my fingers found their way along the strings of my guitar. Although I’m nowhere near as good as the Patrick Breen or the Facing West sister’s I’ve made a lot of progress. Below is a video of my first time playing a song on Yousician called El Condor Pasa, versus me playing the same song a month later after a considerable amount of practice (ps. Forgive the acoustics in my kitchen). You can see in the overlay on the video the Yousicain app displaying the chords to be played and whether I played those chords right or wrong.

Watching my progress was motivating for me. I remember how frustrated I was when I first started learning this song. It took me many attempts before I was even able to complete the song, let alone before I could play it well. I realize now that with enough practice that I could one day be as good as even my inspirations!

Next week I plan on continuing learning chords. Ill be leaning power chords! Power chords are typically played in rock songs on electric guitar. Their often heard in heavy shredding guitar solos. wish me and my acoustic good luck!


7 thoughts on “A Guitar Journey to One Day: inspiration and practicing old skills

  1. WOOOHOOOO!!! Good work!! I’m super excited that you felt confident enough to share with us what you have been learning! Its great to see the progress that you have made! And finding inspiration is half of the journey when it comes to keeping a passion for something. For me when I was playing flute my inspiration came from being able to play for people and making them feel some of the emotion that i felt when I was playing a song.
    Keep up the great work!

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  2. WOW! You can really see your progress between two videos! Remember that those sisters and Patrick also started somewhere and at points became frustrated with playing, but just as you did you pushed past those moments and continued on!
    Since I haven’t read your previous blog posts, I wish you would link the resource that you are using in this one as I am sure you linked it in previous blog posts!
    Keep up the great work


  3. Kennedy,

    Way to go girl! Your progress really showed in this video and is evidence of your hard work. I can tell by how quickly you were able to change between different key fingerings that you’ve been practicing. You’re blogging has also been amazing lately! I love the Instagram videos that you attached. It was nice to see some of the musicians that have been motivating you and I liked that they were super easy to click on and watch without being taken to a new tab or page. I have no idea how you were able to do that with Instagram videos but it is awesome! As for the app that you’re using to learn, how amazing is Yousician? It’s really cool how it is able to pick up the sound and identify what notes you’re hitting and at what speed. The suggestions it gives you would be super helpful as well.

    All in all, super great post Kennedy!


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