A Twitter Marathon: My First #Saskedchat

This week I participated in my first Twitter chat. I chose #Saskedchat, which runs Thursday at 8 pm. I chose this chat specifically because of its relevance to Saskatchewan education. I figured interacting with teachers in Saskatchewan would best inform me for the field I was heading into, and its people I could possibly even be working with in the future!

I was initially nervous about my first Twitter chat. This was partly because I still feel new to the Twitter in general, and partly because as a new education student I realized I was far less informed about education than many of the other participants. My nerves disappeared early on the chat however. I loved the interaction and different perspectives I got to experience.

I wasn’t expecting the level of interaction I experienced. My notification bell was constantly lighting up during the chat with reply’s and likes. I also wasn’t expecting the chat to be as fast paced as it was, and by fast paced I mean this was me the whole time…


My tips for anyone who hasn’t participated in a Twitter chat yet or struggled the first time would be:
1) Use Tweetdeck or a similar app. This allows you to manage several Twitter feeds at once. Be sure to have the chat administer opened on their own feed to keep up with questions.
2) Turn off notifications for other social media accounts. Receiving a follow request on Instagram or a like on Facebook can make it tempting to hop pages for just a moment. Don’t do it! Chances are you’ll find your self lost in the chat when you come back.
3) Be interactive. Now is not the time to be introverted. Comment on tweets and give out lots of likes. I got lots of new followers and was able to find other great educators to by doing this.

Overall, my first Twitter chat experience was great! I got to see many different perspectives on topics relating to education, and had some great interactions with different educators and fellow students! I’m beginning to learn how important collaboration is in the field of education, and Twitter chats are another great faucet for this.

I hope to see many of you in this Thursdays #Saskedchat, as its on the topic of “Students as Critical Consumers”. What a great topic for EDTC 300 students!

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