Is That Music I Hear?

Well another week has passed in my guitar journey, and I’m sad to report I’m still no Stevie Nicks, but I have reached a level three skill level according to my Yousician app! This loosely translates to “your still bad but at least its starting to sound somewhat like music”.

yousician 2

It takes a lot of work to still be this bad! 😆

I’m glad I picked a project to learn that I’m interested in, as I realize just how much work it is to learn something new. The stress of midterm season makes it challenging to prioritize doing, but I do find it to be an escape from my endless stack of flashcards and readings. Its defiantly something I look forward to doing everyday.

I did not reach my five-hour practice goal this week due to a biology midterm and a negging illness, but I still made progress on my chords. I think my short time away from practicing actually helped in the long run. My fingers were able to heal, and I cleared my head of my previous frustrations.

My new positive mindset seemed to help my playing considerably. My fingers began to memorize chords better, and my timing improved greatly. I was also having a lot more fun practicing beginner versions of livewire and Sweet Home Alabama. I’m beginning to learn that just having fun might be the key to learning a new instrument. It seems that the more frustrated I become learning a new skill the worse it sounds. In the future i’ll defiantly focus on knowing when enough is enough.

Stay tuned for next week when I take on fretting!



5 thoughts on “Is That Music I Hear?

  1. Good work Kennedy,
    I never would have been able to make a 5 hour practice goal any week, so your motivation is way higher then mine!! Even though you didn’t meet your goal this week, it is good to take a break like you said. It makes what you are doing less daunting and you feel more refreshed. I like that you are using an app to help you learn, it brings in a huge element of technology and its uses. That great and allows you to know that there are no limitations to the ways that you can integrate technology into the classroom!!
    I hope the hear you play by the end of the semester! Keep up the great work!


  2. Way to go Kennedy,

    Level 3?! Yay! It sounds like you are doing great with your learning project minus a few bumps in the road. Your health should always come first, even if it means not reaching your 5 hour goal for the week. Besides, no one sounds like Stevie Nicks this early on. Hopefully the super cool certificates that you receive with each achieved level with help to motivate you because those things are sweet! But if playing the guitar is an escape for you, then that alone is probably all the motivation that you need.

    Good luck next week as you tackle the joys of fretting, and I hope you finally get over that illness that’s been holding you back!

    – Tiana

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