Feedly: Weird Name, Great Resource

WOW! Feedly is what I’ve been missing in my life. The self-proclaimed smart reader that helps you stay ahead of the curve is exactly that. The app allows you to stay connected to new information/ideas/inspiration in pretty much whatever category, trend, skill, or fun you want. The app reminds me off Pinterest, in that you can choose what categories you want to see and they show upon your personal newsfeed, but more informative.

So far, I’ve been able to follow several teacher technology pages, teacher run blogs, and pages dedicated to staying current in the education field. Upon initially downloading the app I added most of the pages I’ve found to be great resources from recommendations from Feedly, other classmate recommendations were helpful as well though. Two pages I’ve found to be exceptionally informative and helpful are Cool Cat Teacher and Educational Technology.

Cool Cat Teacher is dedicated to sharing information on everyday classroom advice. Whether you want to know how to get your students to think out of the box, how to improve building good relationships with your students’ parents, or how to stay sane while in the classroom she’s your girl. I found her page to be helpful because it addresses issues students don’t’ typically think about when joining the education field. Things such as teacher relationships with parents weren’t on the forefront of my mind when I decided on education, but know I’m glad I have the knowledge to help me in these future situations.

Educational Technology is a great page for keeping up to date with the latest and greatest educational technology. I’ve already book marked a few pages to use in the future for my classroom. I even found one organizational note-taking app I found on the page for myself called Google Keep. The app allows you to make to- do lists, record voice memos, organize important photos and much more, all on your phone, and smart device. Educational Technology also shares about apps for kids with ADHD, and resources for science teachers and students, among many other helpful posts. This is defiantly a page I can see myself looking to for technology help in the classroom, and even for my own personal life.

I’m looking forward to exploring more on Feedly, and adding more categories of my interests and finding other great pages on educational resources. Feedly is a game changer for anyone that values staying in the loop and up to date information.


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5 thoughts on “Feedly: Weird Name, Great Resource

  1. Hey Kennedy,

    Since being introduced to Feedly I have been obsessed! Having to tweet 5+ times a day, I run out of ideas and content pretty quickly, but thanks to Feedly, I constantly have access to tons of ed. tech related resources. You said that it reminds you of Pinterest and I totally agree. It is like a Pinterest for nerds. Hah! I especially love Cool Cat Teacher and Education Technology so I am happy that you’ve found those sources! A few other sources that I follow and have found to be especially helpful on Feedly are:
    1) EdSurge Articles which posts 15 new articles each week on ed. tech related news
    2) Teacher Tech which posts 9 new articles each week on cool new ed. tech tools and resources
    3) The Tech Edvocate which posts 7 articles each week that provide helpful ed. tech related tips and tools.

    If you’re looking for some new ideas or content and don’t already follow these sources then I would check them out!


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